Frequently Asked Questions

Central Nine FAQs

Yes! Students please refer to page 38 of the student handbook. The handbook can be found under the student tab. 

The dress code will be enforced beginning Tuesday, September 6th. 

Yes! Student drivers will need a parking pass and must park in the student lot. Failure to have a parking pass may result in a ticket or the vehicle may be towed at the students own expense. 

Guest speakers, parents, or other visitors do not need a pass and may park in the front lot by the main entrance. 

  • If you’re sick, stay home.  Come back when you feel better.
  • If you decide to test, and you test positive
    • 5 days out from the onset of symptoms
    • If feeling better, you may return on day 6 and remain masked for 5 days
  • We will not be contact tracing.

Central Nine Programs take place during either the AM or PM session of every weekday. 

AM Session: 7:45 am-10:15am (Release times may vary.)

PM Session: 11:45am-2:15pm (Release times may vary.)  

All enrollment is done through each students school counselor. 

To enroll in a Central Nine program, start by identifying where you live. All enrollment is done through each student’s residential school district.

Local District: Students attending a local school district, simply contact their specific high school counselor. See below for full list of partner high schools.

Johnson County: Whiteland Community, Indian Creek, Center Grove, Franklin Community, and Greenwood High School.

Marion County: Beech Grove, Franklin Central, Perry Meridian, and Southport High School.

Central Nine likes to welcome as many students as possible. Students who attend private, charter, or home schools are welcome to attend Central Nine, but will need to enroll through one of our partner school districts as a part-time student. Individuals who are interested in learning more about this process should contact one of the Central Nine Student Service Coordinators.

Students are responsible for paying the Technology and Student Fee. 

Student Fee: $20.

Technology Fee: $10.

Total cost is $30.

Student drivers will also need to purchase a parking pass for $30. Due to campus construction, only seniors may purchase parking passes. 


Individual programs may require uniforms or supplies at the students expense. Please refer to each programs page for more information.

Students attend Central Nine either in the morning or afternoon session of every weekday. 

Some students drive from their High School to this campus but most use the bus transportation provided by their school. 

Students and/or parents need to call Central Nine within a 24 hour period to report the absence so that the student is not marked as truant.

If a student is absent they are required to call Central Nine as well as their high school. 

Reporting the absence to their high school does NOT mean they are excused from Central Nine.

Please call 317-888-4401 ext 265 to report an absence. 

Students can qualify for an excused absence by:  

  • Participating in a job shadow experience 
  • attending a college visit 
  • attending a funeral 
  • attending documented medical appointments 
  • or other circumstances approved by admin 

Central Nine provides students with many additional opportunities such as: 

  • The Governors Work Ethic Certificate 
  • NTHS 
  • HOSA 
  • SkillsUSA
  • FFA
  • BPA
  • FCCLA 
  • and ProStart 
Call or Text:  317-300-4182

The Nine line is a way to anonymously report bullying or suspicious or unlawful activity at Central Nine Career Center.  

Messages will be checked and addressed within 24 hours. 

For emergencies, dial 911, or contact Central Nine Career Center at 317-888-4401
CTE is Career and Technical Education and  Central Nine is proud of its dedication to high quality career and technical education!

Check out the IDOE website for more information.

The Indiana Association of Career & Technical Education Districts has released a new “I Am CTE” video to provide information to parents and students about the great opportunities students should take advantage of while in high school.  For further questions, please feel free to contact your Johnson and Marion county Student Service Coordinators. 

Construction & Landscape 
  • Construction Trades
  • HVAC
  • Landscape Management
Health Science
  • Health Science II: Athletic Training / Exercise Science
  • Health Science II: Medical Assisting
  • Health Science II: Nursing
  • PLTW Biomedical Science
  • Dental Careers
  • Veterinary Careers
Human Services
  • Cosmetology
  • Culinary Arts / Hospitality Management 
  • Early Childhood Education
Media & Information Tech
  • Information Technology: Operations
  • Information Technology: Software Development 
  • Visual Communications
    • Welding Technology
    • Precision Machining
    Protective Services
    • Criminal Justice
    • Emergency Medical Services
    • Fire and Rescue
    • Auto Collision Repair
    • Auto Service Technology
    • Diesel Service Technology
    • Aviation Maintenance
    • Aviation Operations
    • Aviation Flight 
    Work-Based Learning

    Partner Schools

    Central Nine is proud to provide it’s services to it’s nine schools in Johnson and Marion County!

    Johnson County: Whiteland Community, Indian Creek, Center Grove, Franklin Community, and Greenwood High School.

    Marion County: Beech Grove, Franklin Central, Perry Meridian, and Southport High School.

    Dual Credit FAQs

    No, students can request a transcript from their dual credit institution and those credits can be transferred to the college he/she plans to attend. Colleges will review transcripted credits to determine how credits will be transferred.

    No, dual credits are free which is why they are such a great deal for students and parents.

    Good news, dual credits do not expire.  Sometimes things happen in life that change our direction as adults. If your student decides to go to college later, they can access these credits! 

    Students input their mandatory SSN into the college’s system. Your information will not be shared or sold.  

    Students should always put forth their best effort. A failing grade will appear on their college transcript just as it does for their high school transcript, and could adversely affect college financial aid.

    The content is the same for the high school and college courses. Vincennes University does not allow students to drop for failing grades.  Students taking Ivy Tech courses can drop their course with no penalty by October 3, 2022 or students can withdraw from the Ivy Tech course(s) by April 18, 2023.

    For academic progress standards and financial aid questions, please contact the college of your choice directly.

    No, students may earn credits toward a degree. These will be earned credits they will not have to repeat or pay for when they get to college.

    Students earn both high school and college credit for the same content.

    Students can earn the high school credit only. They will still learn the same content and take the same tests though, so why not earn free dual credit to use later?

    For more information about Ivy Tech’s Dual Credit program, please review this Ivy Tech Dual Credit Handbook (the New one will be linked when we have it!)

    The early years

    Early 1970

    Nine School Corporations join forces to establish the first area vocational center for Johnson and Marion County. 


    April 28th, 1970

    A temporary Governing Board is established and Richard Thomas is elected as the first (temporary) president. 

    The board makes a proposal for a Continuous Feasibility Study for an area vocational school. 


    September 21, 1970

    Board members review (and choose a site for campus). 



    October 8th, 1970

    Board members vote to name the center; Central Nine Vocational Technical School. 

    Other names that were up for consideration: “John-Mar” (or “Johnson-Marion”), “Central Nine”, “Leatherwood”, and “whetzel Trace”. 


    April 15th, 1971

    Architect, Ray Thompson, from James Associates presents the final site and building plans for Central Nine. 



    May 13th, 1971

    James E. Hixson is made the first director of Central Nine.