Students and/or parents must report an absence to Central Nine within a 24-hour period to report the absence so that the student is not marked as truant.

To submit an absence request through Skyward, complete the following steps:

  1.  Log in to your Central Nine Skyward account.
  2.  Click on the Attendance tile.
  3.  Select the Absence Request tab under your child’s name.
  4.  Click + Add Absence Request.
  5.  Select the Start and End Dates of the absence.
  6.  Select the Attendance Reason.
  7.  OPTIONAL:  Enter a comment.
  8.  Click Save in the top left corner.

Students can qualify for an excused absence by:  

– Participating in a job shadow experience 
– attending a college visit 
– attending a funeral 
– attending documented medical appointments 
– or other circumstances approved by admin 

January 19th, 2024

eLearning Day

No AM or PM Session

Due to increasing weather conditions, Central Nine Career Center will transition to eLearning for Friday, January 19, 2024. Students, please check your canvas page for more information. Assignments will be posted by 9:00 a.m.

Get Started,

Get Ahead

Central Nine Career Center is a community leader in career and technical education that is renowned for nurturing student potential and has been repeatedly recognized for its efforts in building up the workforce of trained and distinguished young people.

With almost 30 programs, Central Nine’s top priority is to allow students to explore careers in a unique and innovative learning environment while also empowering students to meet their Graduation Pathways requirements. Central Nine is able to provide students with the opportunity to make industry connections, gain work experience through an internship, and join unique extracurricular activities. 

After enrolling through one of Central Nine’s partner schools, students attend their selected program during either the morning or afternoon session every weekday.

Hello Alumni!

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Partner High Schools

Central Nine offers opportunities to nine different schools across Johnson and Marion counties.


All of Central Nine students are enrolled in one of our partner high schools, are in good standing, and in their junior or senior year of high school.


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Student Testimonials

Learn more about Central Nine from the senior class of 2023!

Jacob Heid

"Central Nine had a good impact on me while I was in high school. It helped me decide what I wanted to do after graduation."

Class of 2023

Program: HVAC

Instructor: Mr. Bible

Perry Meridian HS

Jesse Irvin

"(Central Nine) allowed me to work with my hands and use all the potential I have."

Class of 2023

Program: Auto Services

Instructor: Mr. Owen

Roncalli HS

Kathryn Wiese

"I had an amazing and fun relationship with my instructor. My favorite part is going there and learning. (Central Nine) had a really good positive impact on me, and there are so many things that I will carry with me for the rest of my life."

Class of 2023

Program: Veterinary Careers

Instructor: Mrs. Smith

Southport HS

Madyson Dearth

"I made a lot of connections with friends at (Central Nine) and people in the work field. I also learned a lot of skills I will actually need for my future career and had time to become comfortable with them before going to Nursing school. It also allowed me to get a certification while still in high school."

Class of 2023

Program: Medical Assistant / WBL

Instructor: Mrs. Pfeiffer / Mr. Stanley

Franklin Community

Kalista Ranae Lantrip

"I had an amazing relationship with both my instructors. My favorite part was the environment. Yes, it was professional and accurate to real life, but it was still a learning environment where mistakes were okay to be made, and you got the help you needed to fix your mistake.

Yes! (Central Nine) an incredibly positive effect on me; it was my favorite part of my day. I made friends with people who had similar interests to me, and I made connections with industry partners for potential college and job opportunities. Overall, it helped me in many areas."

Class of 2023

Program: Culinary Arts

Instructor: Chef Mendenhall

Franklin Community HS / Home Schooled

Krista Stuck

"I love my instructor; she's so sweet and funny and makes it easier to get up to learn. My favorite part was either doing dissections or projects. It very much had a huge impact on my high school experience and helped me figure out what I want to do in the future. I believe the things I learned (at Central Nine) will stay with me forever."

Class of 2023

Program: Veterinary Careers

Instructor: Mrs. Smith 

Whiteland HS

Logan Rohlfing

"This was by far my best high school year, and I wouldn't have done anything differently."

Class of 2023

Program: Precision Machining

Instructor: Mr. Willoughby

Center Grove HS

Naomi Weaver

"It is a really unique experience that offers a lot more than most people realize. 

Central Nine helped me meet new people, network, and even helped me narrow down what I want to do in the future."

Class of 2023

Program: Exercise Science

Instructor: Mr. Rund

Greenwood HS


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The early years

Early 1970

Nine School Corporations join forces to establish the first area vocational center for Johnson and Marion County. 


April 28th, 1970

A temporary Governing Board is established and Richard Thomas is elected as the first (temporary) president. 

The board makes a proposal for a Continuous Feasibility Study for an area vocational school. 


September 21, 1970

Board members review (and choose a site for campus). 



October 8th, 1970

Board members vote to name the center; Central Nine Vocational Technical School. 

Other names that were up for consideration: “John-Mar” (or “Johnson-Marion”), “Central Nine”, “Leatherwood”, and “whetzel Trace”. 


April 15th, 1971

Architect, Ray Thompson, from James Associates presents the final site and building plans for Central Nine. 



May 13th, 1971

James E. Hixson is made the first director of Central Nine.