Central Nine provides students with many additional opportunities such as: 

  • The Governors Work Ethic Certificate 
  • NTHS 
  • HOSA 
  • SkillsUSA
  • FFA
  • BPA
  • FCCLA 
  • and ProStart 

30% of seniors

had an internship through Central Nine while in High School.

88% of seniors

did you participate in extracurriculars through your high school, Central Nine, or the community? Please check all that apply.

48% of seniors

Did you receive any job offers before you graduated High School? (Either part-time or full-time.)

56% of seniors

Going to College/University.

33% of seniors

getting a job


Guest speakers, parents, or other visitors may park in the front lot by the main entrance. (Door A1)

Currently enrolled students who choose to drive will need to purchase a parking pass. (Please visit the Current Students page for more details.)

  • Sick with a respiratory virus, the updated guidance recommends that they stay home and away from others.
  • For people with COVID-19 and influenza, treatment is available and can lessen symptoms and lower the risk of severe illness. 
  • The recommendations suggest returning to normal activities when, for at least 24 hours, symptoms are improving overall, and if a fever was present, it has been gone without use of a fever-reducing medication.

Central Nine Programs take place during either the AM or PM session of every weekday. 

AM Session: 7:45 am-10:15am (Release times may vary.)

PM Session: 11:45am-2:15pm (Release times may vary.)

All enrollment is done through each students school counselor. 

To enroll in a Central Nine program, start by identifying where you live. All enrollment is done through each student’s residential school district.

Local District: Students attending a local school district, simply contact their specific high school counselor. See below for full list of partner high schools.

Johnson County: Whiteland Community, Indian Creek, Center Grove, Franklin Community, and Greenwood High School.

Marion County: Beech Grove, Franklin Central, Perry Meridian, and Southport High School.

Central Nine likes to welcome as many students as possible. Students who attend private, charter, or home schools are welcome to attend Central Nine, but will need to enroll through one of our partner school districts as a part-time student. Individuals who are interested in learning more about this process should contact one of the Central Nine Student Service Coordinators.

Students attend Central Nine either in the morning or afternoon session of every weekday. 

Some students drive from their High School to this campus but most use the bus transportation provided by their school. 

CTE is Career and Technical Education and  Central Nine is proud of its dedication to high quality career and technical education!

Check out the IDOE website for more information.

The Indiana Association of Career & Technical Education Districts has released a new “I Am CTE” video to provide information to parents and students about the great opportunities students should take advantage of while in high school.  For further questions, please feel free to contact your Johnson and Marion county Student Service Coordinators. 

CTSOs are Career and Technical Student Organizations!

These include: 

  • SkillsUSA
  • HOSA 
  • FFA
  • and FCCLA 

Find more details at ACTEonline.org.


Central Nine provides students with many additional opportunities such as: 

  • The Governors Work Ethic Certificate 
  • NTHS 
  • HOSA 
  • SkillsUSA
  • FFA
  • BPA
  • FCCLA 
  • and ProStart 

our Mission

To engage, support, and empower students by providing active, career-based learning in an experiential environment.

our Vision

Empower, Support, and IMPACT: "Integrity, Motivation, Professionalism, Adaptability, Communication, and Teamwork."

our Goals

Goal 1

Foster a healthy, respectful, caring, and safe school/workplace culture that attracts, retains, and advances students and staff.

Goal 2

Increase student achievement and engagement through continuous improvement of high-quality curriculum, instruction, and work-based learning opportunities.

Goal 3

Provide equity for all by equipping staff with guidance and training.

Goal 4

Extend support to all staff to accommodate a wide range of student abilities and behaviors.

Goal 5

Provide quality technology infrastructure, equipment, and professional development to enhance classroom instruction, increase effective communication, and promote academic progress.

Goal 6

Create and maintain an effective learning environment by establishing behavior supports for all our students to achieve social, emotional, and academic success.

letter from the director

Dear Potential Student, Parent, or Community Partner:

Last year, Central Nine Career Center served 1,154 juniors and seniors from nine high schools in Johnson and Marion counties. With 27 programs for students to choose from, we offer robust, relevant, and industry-based opportunities for all students. Thousands of students have taken advantage of our offerings since 1972. Whether you, your parents, or your grandparents connected with us over the years, we are constantly evolving to meet local and global business, industry, and community expectations now and in the future.

Students who attend Central Nine not only learn about a career, but they engage at a much deeper level to strive for industry-recognized certifications, stackable curriculum that leads to higher paying job opportunities and earn college credits from Vincennes University, Ivy Tech Community College, Ball State University, IUPUI, and Trine University. The college credits earned are tuition-free and transferrable. Last year our students earned over 5,000 college credits and 300 industry-recognized certifications. Many of our students also get opportunities to engage in work-based learning, such as internships. Internships provide a direct experience for our students to learn the work world and adapt to the standards expected outside of school and at home.

Central Nine cultivates greater opportunities for students and an embedded culture by integrating the core values that create IMPACT: Integrity, Motivation, Professionalism, Adaptability, Communication, and Teamwork. These core values are instilled in everything we do. By allowing students to explore their passions and giving them a path to get there, Central Nine is making an IMPACT for a brighter future!

William E. Kovach, PhD ​


The early years

Early 1970

Nine School Corporations join forces to establish the first area vocational center for Johnson and Marion County. 


April 28th, 1970

A temporary Governing Board is established and Richard Thomas is elected as the first (temporary) president. 

The board makes a proposal for a Continuous Feasibility Study for an area vocational school. 


September 21, 1970

Board members review (and choose a site for campus). 



October 8th, 1970

Board members vote to name the center; Central Nine Vocational Technical School. 

Other names that were up for consideration: “John-Mar” (or “Johnson-Marion”), “Central Nine”, “Leatherwood”, and “whetzel Trace”. 


April 15th, 1971

Architect, Ray Thompson, from James Associates presents the final site and building plans for Central Nine. 



May 13th, 1971

James E. Hixson is made the first director of Central Nine.