"The advice you guys were able to give me, in my eyes, helped me get the job. I believe they were very impressed with the questions I asked them, and how well I responded to theirs. I can't help but think of C9, and how adaptable you guys taught all of your students to be."

- Taylor Broughton, Elanco Administrative Assistant

"I participated in the Electronics program at C-9 Career Center in Greenwood my junior and senior years in High School. This was a great program for me because it allowed me to experience “hands on learning”. The lab experience that was part of the program was especially good. I had an awesome instructor my junior year that encouraged me to interview for an internship at Eli Lilly. I did interview and received the internship in their Analytical Instrumentation Shop performing small equipment maintenance. It was a paid internship and the extra money was great. I enjoyed the freedom of the experience and it helped me to experience what the real world after school would be like. That experience made it easier for me when I started my first job out of school.

While attending C-9 I also became involved with a program called MEAP, which stands for Minority Engineering Advancement Program. As part of that program’s requirements, if I maintained good grades in school, I could receive a scholarship for college. Through high school I kept my grades up and ended up receiving a full ride scholarship for college, where I attended IUPUI and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering Technology.  

 I would encourage anyone considering vocational education to check into and really understand all of the great things that can come out of it. For me, it was a great experience and had major impact on both my personal and career success here at Honda.”

- Brittany Parrish, Honda Manufacturing Engineer and Lead Team Manager"

"You have been a blessing in Stephanie's life this year. She highly regarded you and respected you and your character. She enjoyed you and being in your class this year. Her attitude towards school and learning drastically changed this year. You have no idea how you have made a difference in her desire to come to school and her willingness to learn. May God richly bless you endlessly for investing in the life of my daughter. "

- Angie Stone

"The hands on experiences I have learned in automotive technology will help me in the future with my plans to become a mechanic. Thank you for being patient with me because of my language barrier. I am grateful that you have treated me like all the other students in there. I will always remember the things you have taught me. "

- Ram Thang

"Thank you so much for working with our son in Precision Machining these past two years. You and the program made a huge, positive difference in his high school experience, and I know he will have lasting benefits from what he learned about machining from you as well as the life experiences that you shared. He looked forward to your classes every day and regularly came home with something to tell about what he was working on. I think his level of engagement in your program also had a positive effect on his outlook and effort in his other classes at WCHS. We so appreciate the competition and internship opportunities that you made available to Mark. He loves working at Wire-Cut and was so ready for a real work experience."

- Angie & Matt Schultz

"I can’t begin to tell you what a difference Central Nine made in Ross’s schooling. He absolutely LOVED going to C9 everyday! You guys do an amazing job and have a wonderful facility! It is such a great place for kids to attend when they have other interests that public/private schools do not & cannot offer classes in.

My husband & I will forever be grateful to Central Nine and Mr. Everett for everything they have done for Ross. For the hands-on experience and the chance to prove himself in his desired field of work.

Thanks again for all you have done! You guys are the best!!"

- Susie Simpson

"Thank you for your encouragement and support of our son these last 2 year. The hands on class and internship has been fantastic!! It's good to see and hear how much he enjoys the work. It is just what he needed to feel successful!

I'm very grateful to you and the FC/Central Nine partnership for the awesome hands on experiences."

- Angie Adams

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