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The objectives of this course are designed as an extended laboratory experience at the student's choice of clinical site; usually clinics, animal hospitals, or research laboratories, designed to provide students the opportunity to assume the role of a veterinary assistant and practice technical skills previously learned in the classroom, including information on the health care system and employment opportunities at a variety of entry levels, an overview of the health care delivery systems, health care teams and legal and ethical considerations. It prepares students with the knowledge, skills and attitudes essential for providing basic care in extended care facilities, hospitals and home health agencies under the direction of licensed veterinarians.

In addition students will learn skills for monitoring and caring for animals before and after surgery, maintain and sterilize surgical instruments, clean and disinfect kennels and operating rooms, provide emergency first aid to animals, give medication, do routine lab tests, feed and bathe animals, and collect fluid or tissue samples. This course also provides students with the knowledge, attitudes, and skills needed to make the transition from school to work in health science careers, including self-analysis to aid in career selection, job seeking and job maintenance skills, personal management skills, and completion of the application process for admission into a post-secondary program. Participation in HOSA encourages development of leadership, communication, community service and career related skills.


What You'll Learn

  • Veterinary Foundational Knowledge
  • Office and Hospital Procedures
  • Pharmacology
  • Small and Large Animal Nursing
  • Surgical Preparation/Assisting
  • Laboratory Procedures
  • Medical Terminology and Mathematics





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