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TRAILS Opportunity

The TRAILS (Teachers and Researchers Advancing Integrated Lessons in STEM) project is conducted by researchers at Purdue University and Ivy Tech Community College. 

Purpose of the project:
TRAILS is to develop integrated STEM education lessons with TRAILS faculty, high school science and technology education teachers through professional development experiences that assist teachers to cooperatively develop STEM lessons that cut across disciplines.  

Student Benefits:
TRAILS aims to better understand how secondary students learn 21st century skills which include: creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and computational thinking as they work to solve engineering design challenges and engaging in science inquiry investigations. 

Professional Development: 
If you are chosen participate in the TRAILS program, you will be asked to attend the two weeks of professional development at a local Ivy Tech Center (Crawfordsville, Indiana) on June 5th — 9th and 12th  16th 2017 (Subject to change)Science (Biology or Physics) AND technology education teachers (teachers teaching courses such as PLTW: IED, POE, or EDD) need to attend the professional development in teams of two (one science, one technology education teacher). You and a teacher partner will co-generate STEM lessons with TRAILS faculty and implement two TRAILS lessons in your classes; one created by the partners and one provided TRAILS lesson. Each of the TRAILS lessons will address the New academic standards and contain appropriate content for high school science and technology curriculum. The two-week summer workshop will provide you with special lessons that use 3D printers, science inquiry and engineering design approaches to teaching STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math).

Here are a few sample lessons: 

  • D-Bait:designing insect inspired fishing lures allowing students to apply scientific knowledge to create artificial insect baits. Concepts:buoyancy, entomology, bio-mimicry. 
  • The Physics of Insect Flight:study how insects create lift, thrust, and air displacement to generate flight.  Students design insect wing prototypes.Concepts: Newton’s laws of motion, action/reaction, Bernoulli’s theorem, compare and contrast airplane verses insect flight 

Teacher Benefit:
Teachers who participate in the project will be compensated for their time and effort with a stipend of $2,300 ($1000 for summer institute completion, $1000 for implementation and participation in research/evaluation; and $300 for a follow-up session).  Also, there is an opportunity to receive consumable and teacher supplies needed for your TRAILS lesson implementation, and to earn PGP points for participation. 

2017 TRAILS Summer Institute Teacher Professional Development will be June 5th — 9th and 12th — 16th 2017.

Electronic Sign-up click the link :

To learn more about the project e-mail: for more information. 

*Information of final decisions of applications will be sent via e-mail on or before May 10th, 2017.

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