Joe Cougill

Math Integration Specialist

“I am involved in testing students in Accuplacer for dual-credit possibilities, and also provide remediation for students in need, to help them pass the Accuplacer test to obtain their dual-credit. I also provide remediation for students who have to take the Algebra ECA. I work with each curriculum teacher here at C-9 to determine exactly which Indiana state math standards they teach within their own curriculum. I sit down with each teacher and discuss their respective CTE standards and what Indiana math standards are taught specifically within each CTE standard. On numerous occasions I visit classrooms to assist teachers in projects and lessons that require math integration and assist the teacher and offer support math integration.

My main goal is to assist as many students as possible in obtaining dual-credit by passing the Accuplacer test. I would also like to help as many students as possible pass the Algebra ECA. I also want teachers to feel they can come to me with any questions at all about integrating math into their respective curriculum.”

  (317) 888-4401 EXT 296



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